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One day I was surfing around some RPG-websites, and noticed the lack of downloadable dice, those you can print out and fold. In fact, when I went really searching for them (thank God for Google), I only found three or so models. Most of these where dice with six sides (=standard dice), only one was for a D10 (die with ten sides). This was not what I was looking for. I'm an avid player of roleplaying games, and most of these use other dice than a D6 (eg. AD&D uses a D20). I must admit that I like the D6 from Westendgames the best, but nevertheless, I also need those other dice. Problem is, most of the time they are expensive. So I decided that I would make some paper models of dice, that you can download at home, print on normal or heavy paper, and fold to have a free die. My aim is to have an extensive selection of possible dice, with different variants if possible. They will be downloadable in PDF 300 dpi (portable document format, see here) and GIF (100 dpi). All the dice are made in Coreldraw 10 and then exported.


A very important paragraph indeed... These dice are free, meaning you can download them for free from this website, keep them on your hard drive and print them for personal use. There is also a copyright notice on the sheets, and an NPP-logo on each dice. These may not be removed, under no circumstance. You are free to post these files on your own website, providing you keep the copyright notice intact, and link back to this website ( And of course, you cannot ask money for them.


I am also considering requests, being for new dice models or for special designs on the die itself (like the D6 Legend dice from Westendgames). I will not guarantee that I will have time to make them, but if I really can't do it myself, I'll send you my source file from Coreldraw (no, I will not send it out to everyone, don't bother asking).

There are some conditions however: all customizations or new dice I make will be posted here (with a link to your website or email if you want to). Also, you are free to post them on your website too (with copyright notice) and possibly include them in your home-made RPG system. You cannot ask money for them (apart perhaps for a modest printing fee), and must always be downloadable for free (you can link to my website), no matter how much money you ask for your own system.

High-resolution files (any format) can also be requested. Do mention what you want and how big your mailbox is.

You can contact me via the email address mentioned on the dice sheets, or via the addresses mentioned here.


Enough talking already, here are the dice! The standard model is always first, then there is some explanation (if necessary), and then there are alternatives and special customizations.

[D2] [D4] [D6] [D8] [D10] [D12] [D20] [D30] [D100]


PDF (317K)
GIF (50K)

Quite simple, a coin... but if you are short on cash or don't want to risk losing your valuable Euros, use this one.


PDF (13K)
GIF (51K)

A dice with four sides. Not used very much in games, and doesn't roll very good. You have to trow it high in the air and give it a good twist. There are different ways of labelling these dice, since there is never a horizontal square above. This one is the easiest, with the same three numbers around the top corner.



PDF (11K)
GIF (64K)

Just the plain old normal standard six-sided die... Very easy to make.

Alternatives: Actually two D4 sticked together. You roll the number that is the most horizontal. Not a very good design and doesn't roll very well. I would disadvise you to use this in any game, but great for boasting. PDF (23K) and GIF (62K)



PDF (11K)
GIF (68K)

Customizations: A 'left' and 'right' D8 that go with my Body Hit Chart (Dutch only). PDF (1,17M) and GIF (495K)


PDF (19K)
GIF (29K)


PDF (17K)
GIF (17K)


PDF (48K)
GIF (28K)


PDF (97K)
GIF (22K)

This is a fairly difficult model to make. Make sure you are concentrated for this task, and try your best to glue the parts together as precise as you can. A small error in the beginning can ruin the die. For best results, end with the face with '1' on it.


Ah, the Holy Grail of roleplaying dice... but this is a die that is impossible to make. Yes, I know there are at least two models in existence, but these are not mathematically correct. There is a slight discrepancy, though I do not remember in what direction. So I would disallow these dice in my games, but feel free to buy these (expensive!) dice if you are interested in them. They sure do look nice...
I will try to make a model that you can use as a D100, but it proved more difficult than I thought. In the meantime, there is an alternative (two D10)

Alternative: Two D10, one with the numbers 0-9 and the other with 00-90. PDF (48K) and GIF (58K).


To be honest, here are links to some other downloadable dice.


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