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The first picture in Leeuwarden. This is the Oldenhove, and it is built in a rare manner (like the Tower of Pisa, Italy). The building in front of the towe goes up quite straight, so you can easily see the convex shape of the tower.
This tower is even better as the one in Pisa, because you can still climb it. (see later)
BTW, this is my lovely girlfriend Karen, who doesnt like my camera very much :-)
The Oldenhove just a bit closer... You can't miss the convex shape of the tower.
When we were going up on the stairs, we noticed they weren't parallel with the ground. It made us a little sea-sick...

I can't remember where this was, but Karen was already fed up with me and my camera...

It turns out this is the neighbourhood where Johan's grandmother lives... We didn't know, since we explored the city without Johan and Erwin on the first day.

This is the city hall of Leeuwarden.
(I hereby officially deny that the Beetle in front of it was the reason for me taking this picture!)
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