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In case you were wondering when I wouldn't for once be behind the camera, well here I am! Behind me is a Lutherean church (used to be a Dominican church until the Reformation). The Dutch cities do need a lot of churches for all their beliefs... But the people in the Protestant churches were very nice. The Catholic church was closed!

And yes! That is absolutely positively a Userfriendly T-shirt, featuring Dust Puppy! Continue to see the Sev T-shirts...

At first we thought "What a dump", until some students in a "know-the-city-you-have-to-visit-with-your-school" game asked us, if this was really the oldest house in Leeuwarden. We assuringly told them "Euh..." and took a picture when they were gone :-)

We didn't took this picture for the 'Drug Store' ('Apotheek'), but for the architectural style, Art Nouveau. Very nice indeed (wonder if Erwin and Johan know what nice things there are in their city)
(About that drug store: add your one "coffee shop" joke or insult here)

A 'panoramic' view of Leeuwarden, taken from the Oldenhove. We went up it, together with Johan and Erwin (see next page). Notice the churches...

This is the 'Admission Ticket' for the Oldenhove. Yes, there is a spelling error on it, but it took almost a year for me to notice it :-)

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