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- No, you are NOT going to take a picture!
- Yes I will!
- NooooOOOOoooo!

I did.... Karen got used to it, after three days :-)

Johan is nice guy. He is young, brave and will never attract attention by doing something stupid or extravagant, especially not when there are German tourists on the top of the Oldenhove.

Actually Johan (aka Novaflash, the admin of sev.nl.eu.org) is completely nuts ;-)

Since I don't have an automatic camera, I have to focus it myself. So, if someone else wants to take a picture, I usually focus it for him in advance. Karen was going to take the picture of me, Erwin and Johan, and she serves as a 'placeholder' here. I couldn't resist taking this one :-) Erwin and Johan guessed my intentions, Karen... well I don't know. Probably too ...
Ah Finally! From left to right: Erwin, Bruno and Johan. Me and Erwin are wearing our Sev Shirts, but Johan? You will be eternally condemned!
In case you forgot, this is on the top of the Oldenhove, about 96 meters above the ground.
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